Sermattei Srl

In the heart of a territory for centuries linked to the culture of marble

Our History

Between the Alps and the sea, in the heart of an area that has been linked to the culture of marble for centuries, the Sermattei company boasts an artisan tradition handed down from father to son over three generations. In the quarries owned are extracted blocks of fine white and grey marble with methods and processes refined by a centuries-old experience. The attention to quality and the scrupulous control of the workmanship are at the base of the solid national and international reputation of the Sermattei family.

The company was founded in the 1970s under a different name, managed by the first of three generations. At that time, the mining activity was concentrated on the quarry of the Piastramarina basin, on the peaks of the Apuan Alps.
In the 1980s, the historic underground quarry of Padulello, at the foot of Monte Cavallo, also opened up to mining. These are years of change, which mark a decisive moment for the evolution
and the development of Sermattei Srl.

In the 90s, Sermattei held the entire concession of the quarries and in 1994 restructured an old sheepfold on the slopes of the mountains, transforming it into a house for quarrymen.
A panoramic point of extreme beauty that offers breathtaking views of all the peaks of the Apuan Alps,
the Garfagnana, the Apennines, Versilia, the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Gulf of Spezia.

Today the third generation carries on and shares the passion and dreams of the previous ones, continuing to extract the precious marble day after day, keeping up with the technological evolution regarding the processing methods and the safety of the workers.


Our Quarries

The extraction sites of the Sermattei family

Two underground quarries in the Apuan Alps, over 1,400 meters high, between Monte Tambura and Monte Cavallo, in the municipality of Massa.



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