Work Area

Innovation and Tradition

Craftsmanship and cutting-edge technologies

The culture of extraction

The processing methods of the Sermattei company combine technological innovation with the artisan experience handed down by three generations of quarrymen. Special attention is given to systems and equipment with state-of-the-art safety and technology systems.

Each phase of the marble excavation, following the natural cracks in the rock until the next cut, is monitored and followed in close contact with the workers. A difficult and delicate job that is carried out through a “family” management that sees the team of quarrymen, headed by the foreman, united for six months a year, from May to October. The internal staff live together in the quarrymen’s house: a refuge set on a high yoke in the Apuan Alps on the slopes of the Tambura.
A structure that dominates the valley offering a lunar scenario from the white marble amphitheaters to the mountains and the sea.

Our quarries

The extraction sites of the Sermattei family.

Two underground quarries in the Apuan Alps, over 1,400 meters high, between Monte Tambura and Monte Cavallo, in the Municipality of Massa.



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