Sermattei Srl


Padulello Quarry

An ancient mining site in the heart of the Apuan peaks from which the precious Bardiglio Imperiale marble is extracted between lights and shadows.

Piastramarina Quarry

A quarry carved into the rock, set between Monte Tambura and Monte Cavallo it hosts the exclusive marbles of the Sermattei family including the Bianco P.

The Company

Excavation and extraction of marble for three generations in the shadow of the Apuan Alps.

Work Area

Technological innovation and artisan experience:
our processing methods.

Marble Beauty

Quality carved in marble

From the Padulello and Piatamarina quarries, blocks of precious white and gray marble are extracted with methods and processes refined by centuries of experience. Attention to quality and scrupulous control of processing are the hallmark of the Sermattei family.


From Michelangelo’s immortal masterpieces to prestigious international works.

The marbles extracted from the Sermattei family are the protagonists of grandiose architectural projects and works of art signed by famous contemporary architects and designers.

The Sermattei family

Since the 70s we have been giving substance to the dreams of artists and designers.

Ancient knowledge and new visions distinguish the mining activity
of the Sermattei family. The quarry is where it all started and it is, again, the beating heart of the company from which precious and exclusive marbles are extracted.


Bianco Lavinia


Bianco P


Bianco Piastramarina


Bardiglio Imperiale

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